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Studiorise wants to change your perception of fitness. We believe that traditional gyms are boring and that we all deserve better. That’s why we offer unexpected cycling classes led by performers ! In a space that feels like home, we propose many other things from events to a wellness curated shop.



Ride to the beat of the music for 45 minutes and enjoy a collective and immersive experience. In the dark, lit by candles, embrace the energy coming from the sound and the movement of those around you. You decide how far you push yourself. Disconnect to reconnect. Enjoy yourself.



We believe in the power of music: music can change your energy, it can turn you into someone else for a moment, or send you deep inside yourself. That’s why we never offer the same playlist twice, so you always live a new experience! Our coaches curate musical sets with styles going from deep house to pop, hip-hop or Afro for each session.

the space

Ground floor

Our ground floor is all about sharing, everyone is welcome. There’s a cozy space for you to invite your friends, it’s also where we share the latest trends on wellness with you through our concept store, healthy bar and pop-up events. Who said that gyms were only meant for exercise ?

A curated selection of wellness products from around the globe. Here you’ll find our latest finds and obsessions (clean beauty, nutritional health, athleisure, etc.), innovative products that we have spotted and above all tested!

Drinks and snacks, to eat in or take away, carefully selected to be as healthy as they are good. At studiorise, we don’t like to showcase products just because they are trendy.

Our events are open to everyone! We invite inspiring, empowered and passionate experts to talk about all kinds of topics related to wellness and self development in small groups, over a drink.


Go down a few steps and enter the heart of our concept: our cycling studio, which we hope will become your new playground. On the same floor, you can access spacious and comfortable changing rooms designed for your “post-workout”.

This is the place! An acoustic cube lit by candlelight and equipped with one of the best clubbing sound systems in the world: Loudstudio. Get on your bike and let yourself be carried away.

Going to the gym should be easy. Enjoy a bagless experience where we provide everything for you: fresh towels, organic Dr Bronner care products and all the amenities to make your time with us a carefree moment (hair dryers or straighteners, charging boxes for your smartphone etc.)

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